Terms and Conditions for site use

Use of the site is governed by terms and conditions that apply to the site and to sales, shown below, which constitute an agreement between you and L’Emballage Tout Inc. 

L’Emballage Tout Inc. may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Please read these terms and conditions before using the site and/or ordering a product from the site.

By using the site or ordering product(s) from it, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use the site or order products from it.

L’Emballage Tout Inc. reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time, effective as soon as changes are posted on the site, with no liability to you or any other individual. If we make modifications, we will post the new Terms and Conditions on the site. You should therefore reread the Terms and Conditions of use each time you visit the site or make a purchase. If at any time you find that you no longer agree with the Terms and Conditions, you must immediately stop using or accessing the site.


1.1 Location of Site Operations

L’Emballage Tout Inc. operates the site from its office in Canada.  L’Emballage Tout Inc. makes no representations to the effect that material on the site is available for use in locations other than Canada, and accessing the site from locations where its content or use thereof are prohibited may be illegal. Those who choose to access this site do so of their own initiative and are responsible for complying with any locally applicable laws.

1.2 Site Modifications

L’Emballage Tout Inc. may terminate, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the site, including its functionality, at any time without prior notice or liability. L’Emballage Tout Inc.  may also add, remove, modify or otherwise change any content that is on the site or accessible from it or impose limitations as regards to certain functionalities and services or restrict your access to some or all parts of the site without prior notice or liability.

1.3 Restrictions relating to use of the site

You may only use the site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise specifically indicated in one or more sections of the site, no part of the site may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, displayed or transmitted in any way whatsoever without prior written permission from L’Emballage Tout Inc.  You may display or download material from the site for non-commercial purposes only; provided that you do not modify it and that you respect its relevant copyrights.

1.4 Intellectual property

1.4.1 Trademarks. Names, words, titles, phrases, logos, illustrations, graphic icons and service marks that appear on the site, products or any components included in or with those products may represent registered or nonregistered trademarks or other intellectual property belonging to L’Emballage Tout Inc., its affiliated companies or third parties.

1.4.2 Content. All content appearing on the site or products, including photos, illustrations, designs, trade-marks, images and text, is the exclusive property of L’Emballage Tout Inc., its affiliated companies or third parties and is protected by Canadian and/or international copyright laws. You are hereby granted limited permission to access the site for your personal and non-commercial use only, on the condition that you retain all credits and notices relating to copyright and other proprietary exclusivity. Unless explicitly stated in the Terms and Conditions, no other use of the content is authorized.

1.4.3 No right granted. Nothing that appears on the site, products or elsewhere shall be directly or indirectly construed as granting you any licence, right, title or other interest in the Trademarks or any other intellectual property, and the trademarks and other intellectual property shall remain the exclusive property of L’Emballage Tout Inc.

1.4.4 Restrictions related to site use. You may not copy, reproduce, utilize, distribute or transmit, in part or in whole, the trademarks, content or any other intellectual property that appear on the site, in or with products or components that are included there, without express prior written consent. Any non-authorized use may make you liable for civil and/or criminal damages.

1.5 Links to other sites

The site includes links to other websites operated by other companies. By clicking on these links, you will leave the L’Emballage Tout Inc. site.  L’Emballage Tout Inc. has neither developed, reviewed or verified the accuracy of the data contained on these sites. L’Emballage Tout Inc. has no control over the operation of these websites and the fact that they may be linked to the L’Emballage Tout Inc. site does not in any way render L’Emballage Tout Inc. liable, specifically as regards to their content, the products/services provided or any other damages or loss that they may cause you.

1.6 User-Submitted Information

As a user of this site, you acknowledge that any material, information and opinions that you may submit to L’Emballage Tout Inc. in any way whatsoever will be assigned to L’Emballage Tout Inc. and who will become its full and sole owner and you waive any moral rights with regard to this information. L’Emballage Tout Inc. hereby advises you that it can, without issuing any compensation to you, use, reproduce, publish, license, distribute, disclose and transmit by any means and to whomever it sees fit any Information you submit to L’Emballage Tout Inc. Further, you are prohibited from submitting to L’Emballage Tout Inc. information that could be illegal, defamatory, obscene or contrary to any applicable law. When you submit Information to L’Emballage Tout Inc., you hereby represent that you hold any and all relevant rights to such information, specifically intellectual property rights. You assume liability and agree to compensate, protect, indemnify and hold harmless L’Emballage Tout Inc., its related companies and their respective managers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives and employees from any liability, obligation, loss, damage, penalties, claims, actions, legal proceedings, fees, expenses and expenditures (including legal fees) relating to or resulting from your use of the site and the information that you have submitted. L’Emballage Tout Inc. reserves the right to not publish or to retract any material that you may have submitted to L’Emballage Tout Inc. at its discretion, for any reason whatsoever.

2. Standard terms and conditions of sale

2.1 Canadian Site

When you shop on the L’Emballage Tout Inc. site, you must pay in Canadian funds.

2.2 Setting up an account

From the home page, you will have the opportunity to set up a L’Emballage Tout Inc. user account. Having an account will allow you to place orders more quickly. Personal information such as your first and last name and billing and shipping addresses are kept on file in a secure manner so that you do not have to enter them each time you place an order.  Setting up an account also lets you access your order history and check the status of your orders, the whole in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy. You may close your account at any time. To do so, you must first log in, then click on “Close account.” However, closing your account means that you will lose access to your order history and you also will need to enter your shipping and billing addresses each time you place an order.

2.3 Prices

2.3.1 Amount. The purchase price for each product appears adjacent to it on the site. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

2.3.2 Shipping costs.  Delivery charges and applicable taxes are extra (unless we state that shipping is included) and will be shown on screen before you confirm your order.

2.3.3 Sales tax. Applicable sales taxes are extra and will be shown on screen before you confirm your order.

2.3.4 Price changes. L’Emballage Tout Inc. reserves the right to modify the prices of products on the site at any time, without prior notice.

2.3.5 Boutique prices. Prices for products offered on the site may differ from prices for the same products sold in our L’Emballage Tout Inc. store, and you will have no recourse against L’Emballage Tout Inc. if the price difference is not in your favour or if you could have taken advantage of better sales terms had you made your purchase elsewhere or at another time.

2.4 Credit Card Payment

Temporarily accepting debit/credit cards ONLY at the store

2.4.1 Credit cards accepted. The site accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.  We reserve the right to stop accepting credit cards from one or more issuers at any time.

2.4.2 Validity and authenticity. You must use a valid and authentic credit card on the site, and be an authorized user. If the charge is not approved or accepted, we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice, with no liability or obligation. We reserve the right to contact the issuer for authorization if we suspect that a card is being used fraudulently.

2.5 Return and Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, you may return them for an exchange or refund.

"Trasnport fees for returned items are not included"

"A 10% restocking fee charge is applicable"

2.5.1 Exchange. We accept L’Emballage Tout Inc. product returns at any time up until the end of the 30th day after they have been received.

2.5.2 Refund. We will issue a refund for any L’Emballage Tout Inc. products (in their original packaging) within 15 days of their delivery date.

2.5.2 Address. The address for product returns is:

L’Emballage Tout Inc.

6995 Boul. Thimens, Saint-Laurent, QC Canada, H4S2C7


2.5.3 Supporting documentation. Returned items must be accompanied by their invoice and order number. Subject to Section 2.5.1 above, you do not need to provide L’Emballage Tout Inc. with any justification or pay any penalty.

2.5.4 Return shipping costs. You must pay the cost of shipping and insuring returned items (unless L’Emballage Tout Inc. did not ship the products you ordered or you received defective products, in which case L’Emballage Tout Inc. will pay shipping and insurance costs as long as you use a shipper that insures the package against loss and damage).

2.5.5 Credit. When your return arrives at L’Emballage Tout Inc., we will refund the amount debited to your credit card account—less shipping costs—as soon as possible provided that the merchandise has been returned by you and received by L’Emballage Tout Inc. in accordance with Section 2.5.1 above, and is in the same condition that it was at the time of delivery.

2.6 Product Availability

2.6.1 Inventory. L’Emballage Tout Inc. does not under any circumstances guarantee that products offered on the site are available in inventory. If L’Emballage Tout Inc. is not able to deliver any of the items you order because they are out of stock, we will refund the amount charged to your credit card for these products and send you a refund confirmation by email.

2.6.2 Damages. L’Emballage Tout Inc. will not be responsible at any time for any damages that you may incur because products are out of stock.

2.7 Product Delivery

2.7.1 Shipping destination. L’Emballage Tout Inc. offers delivery throughout Canada and the U.S., other than to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. We do not make any shipments outside Canada or the U.S.

2.7.2 Address. L’Emballage Tout Inc. will deliver items you purchase to the address you provide in your order. Deliveries cannot be made to post office boxes.

2.7.3 Shipping fees. Shipping fees vary depending on the order (weight, volume, destination and delivery time) and will appear on the screen before you confirm your order.

2.7.4 Delivery times. L’Emballage Tout Inc. strives to have orders delivered as quickly as possible once your order is accepted, using the delivery method you select on the site. Delivery times and fees will vary based on the shipment destination, delivery method selected and availability of products in inventory. Delivery time calculations are from the shipment’s departure from the L’Emballage Tout Inc. premises.

Delivery times, for reference only

Canada (Quebec and Ontario)

4–7 working days

Canada (Maritime provinces)

5–7 working days

Canada (Western provinces)

7–10 working days

Canada (Territories)

10–20 working days


8–12 working days

2.7.5 Deliveries. Product deliveries are subject to the corporate policies of the delivery companies used by L’Emballage Tout Inc., which presently include Canpar/UPS within Canada and FedEx/UPS in the U.S., and the corporate policies of other delivery companies that L’Emballage Tout Inc. may use from time to time. Policies concerning the signature of delivery receipts will apply to you.

2.7.6 Transfer of title. You become the owner of the products you ordered when L’Emballage Tout Inc. turns your shipment over to the delivery company. You assume all associated risks at that point and L’Emballage Tout Inc. will not be responsible for any loss, destruction or damage.

2.7.7 Payment in full. L’Emballage Tout Inc. must receive payment in full for products before they can be shipped to you.

3. General information

The following provisions apply to both use of the site (see section 1) and to product orders (see section 2).

3.1 Disclaimer of Warranties

The site and the elements contain therein are provided as is, without any representation, warranty or condition, implicit or explicit. Subject to any applicable law to the contrary, L’Emballage Tout Inc. disclaims any liability and provides no representation, warranty or condition, including warranties of merchant ability, durability, merchantable quality or suitability for a particular purpose or non-infringement. Moreover, L’Emballage Tout Inc. makes no representation, warranty or condition relative to the use, validity, accuracy or reliability of the elements shown on the site or the results arising from the use of such elements or the fact that the site and its content are offered without interruption or that they will be free of errors (while L’Emballage Tout Inc. does everything possible to ensure that the site contains no errors), that errors/interruptions on the site will be rectified or that the site or the server that hosts the site will be virus-free.

3.2 Limitation of Liability

3.2.1 In no event shall L’Emballage Tout Inc. be held responsible for indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages, including without limitation the loss of data, profits, revenue, business opportunities or any loss, damage, responsibility, cost or expense arising from or in relation to your purchase of products from the site, the use of the site or the inability to use the site, whatever the origin of the action (contractual responsibility, in tort, negligence, or based upon any other legal doctrine, including fundamental breach), even if L’Emballage Tout Inc. has been informed of the possibility of such damages. In the event that L’Emballage Tout Inc.’s liability towards you may be upheld, it shall be limited to the purchase price of the items that you ordered on the site.

3.2.2 Regardless of the foregoing, nothing within the current Section 3.2 can have the effect of limiting your rights as a consumer with respect to one or more of the laws of public order (including consumer protection laws) that may be applicable to you.

3.3 Force Majeure

L’Emballage Tout Inc. will not be responsible for non-performance, in whole or in part, of any of its obligations whatsoever toward you, or for damages or losses that you may suffer, if such non-performance, damages or losses result from circumstances beyond its control.

3.4 Applicable Law and Territorial Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws in effect in the province of Quebec, Canada, and any claims in conjunction with the site, its content or its use shall be governed by laws applicable in the province of Quebec, Canada. The application of any private international law or any law that might be applied to resolve legal disputes, such as the United Nations Convention for Contracts on International Sale of Goods, is expressly excluded.

3.5 Miscellaneous

The Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between L’Emballage Tout Inc. and you relating to the subjects covered herein.  If provisions of the Terms and Conditions or their implementation are found to be invalid as regards any statue, regulation or law whatsoever, the aforementioned provisions shall be removed from the conditions for use and the remaining provisions in the Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.